Our job

Analysis and understanding of the customer’s need.

Definition of the customer specifications.

3D creation of the piece.

Exchange-Validation client.

Rheological study of the piece to simulate its manufacture (validation filling, technical characteristics…).


Follow-up and production of moulds for injection and blowing from 100 kg to 45T, single or multi fingerprint. Tooling test then validation of the part by the customer.

We take care of mould maintenance of our customers so that they can be 100% in their development (Dismantling and assembly tooling, Cleaning the cooling circuit, Analysis of hot blocks, Change of seal, Hydraulic repair…).


Manufacture of parts from a few grams to 52 kg in injection and 2.5l to 1000l or 45 kg in blowing.

Our experience allows us to master all the raw-materials used: PP, PE, HDPE, PVC, SAN, PC, PMMA, ABS, POM, PP loaded talc and fiberglass, PA loaded 30% and 50% fiberglass PP V0, ABS V0 (electric field).

Elastomer: EPDM The collaboration with our suppliers allows us to be informed of current raw-material developments in order to propose them to our customers.


Indoor storage on 10,000 m² including 5,000 m² in automated rack. Outdoor storage on 57,000 m².

Thanks to our experience with central purchasing, our logistics is organized to deliver our customers’ parts in pallet, truck or container across the globe.

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